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The opportunities are with sellers in a hurry. Also know that considering investing in real estate requires. Some strategies such as targeting opportunities by looking for sellers in a hurry, for example. This rduces the investment. For professional reasons, for personal causes such as a divorce or an inheritance for example, in short, there are many sellers in a hurry on the market. If you find them, you can get real estate at a low price. The buy-sell is the most profitable in terms of real estate investment if you have bought an affordable property, sold under its real value, to then be able to resell it at a higher price. The adde value will be significant.

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Buying a property to resell it In addition, you can also consult our guide: What is the most profitable trade? Discover through this guide how to know if a business is profitable or not. How to find a profitable business idea, as well as some profitable business ideas to earn money. Valuing the property to better resell it The purchase-resale is the most profitable compard to the rental yield, because many valuation techniques are possible to optimize the investment . You can even combine certain techniques for more results. Among the possible techniques, there is the Hong Kong Mobile Number List construction of lots, the division, the sale in the state, the light renovation, the heavy renovation works, the creation of co-ownership or even the promotion and the subdivision. Choose a professional status Why choose a status? The purchase-resale is the most profitable, because the taxation may be advantageous if you opt for a professional status.

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This is not an obligation, but it is a trick to limit the costs relatd to the project and to maximize the gains. In fact. The taxation for a particular investment will be more heavily taxe on the capital gain generatd compard to the taxation imposd on professionals. A professional who makes purchase-resale is a property dealer. It can either adopt the status of micro-enterprise or adopt the status of commercial company. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack Microbusiness The purchase-resale is the most profitable if you choose a professional status . You can opt for micro-enterprise status.

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