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Attempt to quantify the extent of this problem, and explore. What Google and local businesses can do about it. What’s meant by “local filler” content and why is it such a problem. Google map result for ‘gastroenterologist angels camp ca’. The above screenshot captures the local pack results for a very specific search for a gastroenterologist in Angels Camp, California. In its effort to show me a pack. Google has scrambl together results. That are two-thirds irrelevant to the full intent of my query. Since I am not looking for either an eye care center or a piatrician.

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The third result is better, even though Azerbaijan Phone Number List Google had. To travel about 15 miles from my specifi search city to get it, because Dr. di is, at least, a gastroenterologist. It’s rather frustrating to see Google allowing the one accurate specialist. To be outrank by two random local mical entities, perhaps simply because they are closer to home. It obviously won’t do to have an optometrist or children’s doctor consult with me on digestive health, and unfortunately, the situation becomes even odder when we click through to the local finder Four map results with star ratings and contact details showing for the search term ‘gastroenterologist angels camp to the.

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Of the twenty results Google has pull DT Leads together to make up the first page of the local finder, only two are actually gastroenterologists, lost in the wes of podiatrists, orthopic surgeons, general MDs, and a few clinics with no clarity as to whether their presence in the results relates to having a digestive health specialists on staff . Zero of the list gastroenterologists are in the town I’ve specifi. The relevance ratio is quite poor for the user and shapes a daunting environment for appropriate practitioners who ne to be found in all this mess.

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