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This also means that a sale via advertising, also Germany Phone Number called Average Cost of Sale (ACOS). Within Amazon, may cost a maximum of 25% to break even. If you are going to do analyses, it is important to know your profit margin for each product and thus also to know your maximum ACOS. 4. Add as many negative phrase keywords Germany Phone Number as possible at the start of the campaign You have the option on Amazon to add negative keywords to your advertising campaigns. This means that if a visitor enters one Germany Phone Number of these words in the search bar, your advertisement will not be shown. Example: Let’s say you sell a stainless steel kitchen roll holder.

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In this case, I wouldn’t want consumers to Germany Phone Number see my ad when they search for wooden kitchen roll holder or plastic kitchen roll holder. The chance that someone will buy your stainless steel holder in this case is very small. The clicks on your ad will lead to few sales, which will not only drive up your costs, but also affect Germany Phone Number the performance of the campaign and can lead to a higher cost per click. In this case I would add the words ‘plastic’ and ‘wooden’ as a negative phrase . My ad will then never be shown Germany Phone Number if someone uses these keywords in their search terms. amazon 5.

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Schedule monthly analysis of your campaigns Germany Phone Number Advertising is not a set-and-forget strategy. You will have to dive into the advertising report every month to further optimize your campaigns. Which optimizations you will implement will of course depend on the goal of your advertising campaign. The advertising Germany Phone Number report can be found under Reports > Advertising reports . At Report Type you choose Search Term . Some optimizations that I make myself every month: 1. Add keywords Germany Phone Number that have had more than 10 clicks but no conversions to your campaign as a negative phrase . Why 10 clicks? I’m assuming conversion rates on Amazon are above 10%. This means that with 10 clicks you must have had at least one sale.

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