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With a marketplace, you won’t have to think about a secure payment solution either (Ssl, etc.), you won’t have a specific domain name, etc. In short, you will rent a place on an e-commerce platform to sell your products. With a good product sheet, a detaile description, you can do good business. Note, however, that the majority of online sellers all have a website, even if they sell on a marketplace. This makes it possible to make more profit , to increase the average basket and therefore the turnover and the margin. use marketplaces for e-commerce 2.0 E-commerce 2.0: suppliers After creating the 2.0 store or renting a marketplace, you can find wholesale suppliers . This step is quite simple. If in the past, wholesalers did not work on their referencing, now many of them are locatd on the Net, on the first pages of search engines. You just ne to choose the provider you nee.

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There are several, citing for example platforms like Aliexpress, Alibaba, etc. Just remember to check the reputation and reliability of the chosen supplier . Also compare prices to find quality products that you can easily resell on the Net. Comparing prices will also allow you to obtain margins easily. E-commerce 2.0: marketing 2.0 As internet commerce evolves, e-commerce marketing strategies must also evolve. You nd 2.0 marketing strategies , especially if you have creatd or are changing a store. Marketing 2.0: what is it? These are new techniques that aim to ensure the visibility of a brand or a site to new web consumers: consumers in the world of e-commerce 2.0. The Luxembourg Mobile Number List techniques consist of integrating target consumers into the marketing strategies deploye The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack The idea is to turn consumers into active players. The latter, in addition to shopping on your online store, will promote it. This strategy has proven itself, hence its popularity in the era of Commerce 2.0. To achieve this feat, you must use: Webmarketing : newsletter, pop-up banners etc.

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Social networks : broadcast, exchange, etc. Web 2.0 : to have a network of consumers who can exchange and about a brand, a product, etc. Marketing 2.0 vs. 1.0 Why replace digital marketing 1.0 with e-marketing 2.0? Quite simply because consumers have changd following the evolution of the Net. Now they have the power to improve or destroy the DT Leads awareness of a brand, a company, etc. Now, the term “the customer is king” takes on its full meaning. Marketing 1.0 impose things on customers. E-commerce 2.0 marketing listens to consumers and depends on them. The strategies aim to achieve their satisfactions and not to make the most sales. Marketing 2.0 also seeks to offer personalizd products instead of targeting a generalist audience. Do you want to enter the era of e-commerce 2.0? Change your vision of marketing and opt for modern , innovative marketing.

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