Text Analysis on Open Stories Also

Message of images and videos based on the social-psychological values ​​that consumers attach to them. The tool is therefore objective and reinforces the principle that an image often says more than a thousand words. The artificial intelligence of iMatch can recognize objects, people, emotions, colors and atmosphere. This makes it

The scaling up of artificial intelligence within organizations is accelerating worldwide and AI has now also taken a prominent position in market research. Its added value is obvious. With AI it is possible to do analyzes fully or partially automatically. Think of analyzing customer feedback or via text analyzes and analyzing and positioning images for visual communication.

Tag a Complete Image

possible, for example, to map and tag a complete image bank, something that is impossible manually. On the basis of the tags, perfectly suitable images can be selected for expressions. For Chief VP Compliance Email Lists example, iMatch’s software also positions images from video commercials, which is valuable in finding images that match the intended brand positioning.

Chief and VP of Compliance Email Lists

Text analysis on open stories

Also in the field of text analysis, AI is an increasing trend in market research, especially in analyzing consumer answers to open questions. More and more sophisticated AI solutions are becoming available for this, such as Word2Vec and topic modeling. However, this specialism still requires human brainpower. For example, algorithms do not see the context of words or word combinations. Algorithms still have to be combined with human insight in that part. Word usage is domain and customer specific.

Do you want to work with one or more of these trends in market research? Market research agency MarketResponse is happy to help you. Because how do you handle this? And what do you need for it? Please feel free to contact Fred Roodbeen at or 06 22 16 37 75 or Koen van der Wal at: koen.vanderwal marketresponse nl or 06 42 11 27 58. Also if you have any questions as a result of this article or if you would like to discuss this further, you can contact our experts.

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