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Base your offers on personas Measuring is knowing. The role of data Norway Phone Number is important, especially with short-term Black Friday deals. Who are your arrows aimed at? If you think about that in advance, it won’t do you any harm. We based the ‘spotlight offers’ this year on four personas . The retailer’s target groups are Norway Phone Number translated into archetypes, each with their own needs. This creates a good mix and variety in the offers. All four Norway Phone Number deals immediately matched needs and sold very well. Some people already don’t like it in the shopping streets anymore, which is of course good news for online retailers.

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Last year, such good results were not achieved Norway Phone Number in every segment. Also read: Countdown to Black Friday: 7 last-minute tips for webs hops 6. The importance of a physical store However great the online power of a webs hop is, physical stores are still important. Do you bet with your deals on products Norway Phone Number that require a longer reflection period, such as e-bikes? Then the presence of an offline store in your strategy is almost Norway Phone Number indispensable. Give the consumer the chance to look before buying. If you have physical stores or a showroom, extend the opening hours. Something to capitalize on next year!

Norway Phone Number

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Pay attention to the decoration and ensure the ultimate Black Norway Phone Number Friday experience. Don’t have a physical store? Maybe a pop-up store is for you. An important moment on the marketing calendar For us, Black Friday has quickly become an important moment on our marketing calendar. This now applies Norway Phone Number to almost every retailer in the Netherlands, sales are increasing year on year. Almost 20% more debit card Norway Phone Number payments were made than last year. ideal processed 3.5 million transactions, an increase of no less than 47%.

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