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Going up it’s a practical, helpful thing to know where it could actually be affordable to move. If people are thinking about moving, they’re like, “I don’t know if it makes sense to do that.” At least now they can have their options. Then going a little deeper or even just like a different way of approaching the same conversation is what an average home looks like in X place at X price. So you’re taking those increased prices and you can show examples of what a home looks like. I’ve seen projects like this before. You probably have too.

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But it’s a different way of illustrating the Luxembourg Phone Number List same useful point, which is where could I actually see myself living. That’s what makes it serviceable. You’re giving them information that they can actually act on later. So those are some serviceable angles. 2. Contextualized Contextualizing. So there’s a lot to unpack in this stat. I believe this was a Forbes article I was reading, and they go into a little bit of detail about some of the context. But there are other ways to dive into the context. Even without reading the story, what I was thinking about was What is the average down payment now.

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So if the home prices are increasing, presumably DT Leads the down payment costs are increasing. What I remember the article saying was that that’s always the biggest hurdle, or not always, most of the time the biggest hurdle, especially for first-time home buyers, is the down payment. It’s a big sum of money. So how much is that increasing, and what does that look like for the average person? What does that amount of money equate to in the rest of your life? How long would it take to save that amount of money? These are all.

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