Still Use Language to Mislead Each Other or on Purpose

Coming out: a sensitive topic, or can you make jokes about it? It just depends on how you do it, because yes, it is quite sensitive. Many brands in many countries have used this theme to make a commercial with (or without much) impact: McDonald’s in France with Come as you are , which was also nicely spoofed . But also in Taiwan with Acceptance , a clip called ‘ McHeartwarming ‘. Igloo’s Italian brand Findus did it in 2014. Funny and surprising was the video from Opel in the UK:

While they missed the mark quite a bit with ‘ Sex Change ‘ a few years before.

Incidentally, Opel also had an advertisement with – literally – lots of fun underpants in Denmark: Ride Comfortably . It was described by German Pulse as: “Opel may have raised the bar Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists for the weirdest car commercial that focuses on selling station wagons to Danish men. If you look at it without sound, you think you are looking at a provocative ad for men’s underwear. Turn on the sound and, uh, it’s still a provocative ad for men’s underwear.

Sales Marketing Directors Managers Email Lists

You Are Looking at

Another car brand, Infinity, also had a coming-out story that turned out differently than expected.

The Vodafone commercial from Australia was very nice : the coming-out story is told in two seconds, with the relevance that it costs less calling minutes. It was done respectfully and comically.

A reverse coming out (yes) was already made by Eaton’s in Canada in 1998: more annoying than comical, although the makers thought they were doing a good job, tagline ‘ A white straight boy as an example for diversity? No.

Strange was also the clip from the Irish Bord na Móna That was about peat blocks for the fireplace. Do you understand?


There is plenty to laugh about with (and about) those heaumeaux, also in the advertising world. But there is a risk that it will go down the wrong way, to put it simply. Test, test, do a focus group, but keep a close eye on your general moral compass, so you can’t go wrong. However?

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