Spanish newt How to keep and tame animals

Spanish, or needle, Triton belongs to the Salamander family (Salamandridae), which also includes the common Tritons and the comb. The length with the tail reaches 30 cm, but in captivity, the size is usually not more than 20 cm. The habitat of exotic animals, Portugal and Morocco.

Spending money in the water tank year after year, for no reason. The painting of his body is giant-mill, and his ulloid belly is covered with a small dark area. On the side of the skin there is a small hillock, which is similar to the touch of a small spine, hence the second name of the species – needles. Males and females are large and bulky males, so they differ in body size and differ in terms of gender.

Mode of custody

The stomach side of the stomach of the Spanish Triton:
In terms of content, this type of Triton is truly endless. They tolerate a significant drop in temperature – from 15 to 27 degrees. The best time for animal Italy Phone Number content is 20 degrees. During the time, tritons are carried out in water, so they do not have to be a special island to enter the land.

The presence of corn at the



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Bottom of the aquarium is not necessary, but if necessary, you can use granite crumb. Any aquarium plant can be a starting point. Tritons like to hide a lot, so you can put a house in the Aquarium or something else, where they can hide from their curious eyes.

To avoid rapid water pollution, the Aquarium is better equipped with a filter. Tritons do not require the quality of the water, and can be started immediately even in the water without covering the head, such as writing the miler. It’s true that I didn’t do that, but I still used a special method to dilute the chlorine and heavy metals in the water.Spanish newt. How to keep.


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