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Website design can cost as little as $500 and can go up to $500,000 depending on the size of your project. Thus, this price depends above all on the size of your clientele . The bigger it is, the more technology tools, digital strategy and software you nee. When you have millions of visitors and a large number of catalogs, simple showcase sites are no longer enough. You will ne a more sophisticad type of website, content management software, and software or application that can handle multiple traffics at the same time. price of an e-commerce site But you must also take into account the number of pages of your website.

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The more pages there are in the site, the higher the price of the e-commerce site , since you must add SEO, coding, writing in the notes. This gives you an idea of ​​how much an e-commerce site costs according to your neds: The availability of your internet connection, Your knowlege of website building: whether you will ned a developer or a webmaster How many pages you nee, and how many products you sell Do you use a web agency for SEO, maintenance and Greece Mobile Number List construction of a website? Who takes care of the maintenance of your site? How much does an e-commerce site cost according to the creation platform Before, to design a website , you had to either hire a developer or master the development yourself. But that has evolv. You can now use e-commerce CMS solutions or content management systems to set up a website.

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These tools are design to create your website in your image and that of your business. Thus, there is the turnkey solution or SaaS and that of an open source. The methods of a real business on the internet at €22,000 per month FREE Pack How much does an e-commerce site cost with a turnkey solution? All-in-one solutions are intende for websites with few products and for people with no computer knowldge. They don’t offer enough customization options, but they are quick to design and handle . Also, you can modify the creation of websites the design, the writing however you cannot modify the functionalities. It is therefore a solution for the creation of a showcase site.

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