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To get more attention for this, the municipality actively promoted this campaign Panama Phone Number for five days. They did this by advertising through their company page on Facebook. An advertising budget of €130 13,141 people reached 414 people clicked through on the link.  A click-through rate (CTR) of 3.2% An investment of €0.31 per click The results of this recruitment campaign. The Municipality of Delft has Panama Phone Number received 74 (!!) applications for this vacancy. From these applications, interviews were conducted with Panama Phone Number 11 candidates and the municipality accepted 4 new BABS. wow! In total, the recruitment and selection procedure took two months and four days from. The moment of publication to the appointment of the officials.

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What can we learn from this case? You don’t need to have Panama Phone Number a huge budget to ensure that thousands of people see your vacancy. You don’t always have to set up a strategic labor market communication campaign to enthuse people about your vacancies. Social media offers a great way to reach candidates, in addition to your own careers page, career Panama Phone Number page and/or job boards. The vacancy well with their enthusiasm. buy phone number list from latest mailing database. We share six tips to reach potential candidates and how to inspire and enthuse them. For your vacancy(s) as quickly as possible.

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Facebook is also responding nicely to this with the latest feature. Facebook Jobs, which has now also been rolled out in the Netherlands. The advantage of using social media to draw attention to your vacancies is that you choose which target groups see them. You have also already mapped out your company culture and corporate. Identity on your social media channels, so that potential candidates immediately get a feel for this. This way of working allows you to profile yourself directly as an employer and to draw attention to open vacancies in an appealing way.

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