Should a community manager produce and share content in August

In community management as in all fields, the month of August is consider to be hollow, because almost everyone is on vacation and activities generally slow down. In the digital spheres and especially when there is production and sharing of content, I often hear people say that there is no point in sharing content, since activity is low in August. As a result, engagement will also be relatively affect due to fewer interactions. However this is not necessarily true and for several reasons which go rather in the opposite direction: Produce and share content in August, because this is where you will have opportunities in terms of visibility and even positioning if you are also a web itor . Producing and Sharing Content in August: 4 Things to Do vacation in August, can then continue his work and devote more time to it while being calm.

Work on your SEO and positioning

It is not enough to have creativity in Cameroon Phone Number List community management to make yourself visible, many factors come into play. Let’s look at the opportunities and benefits of continuing to share content in August: 1. Share content while taking advantage of the calm to gain visibility The news, whatever the field of activity, will always interest Internet users wherever they are, so even during the holidays everyone continues to consume content. It is also in August that you may have more opportunities to make yourself visible . If fewer companies are sharing, people will find new sources of content as a result, and that could be you. Continue to write and do not lose relevance, on the contrary, bet on rich and relevant content and use social in this month of lull.

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Prepare for a calm return to school

At the start of the school year, many Internet DT Leads users will continue to follow you because they will have discover you during their holidays, or not! 2. Prepare sharing scenarios on your social networks If you have significant content capital and you have information that remains current or timeless, prepare different sharing scenarios on social networks that lend themselves to it, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkIn in particular. sharing professional content on Instagram You just ne to schule your publications every day at specific times, and thus recycle your content, perhaps those that have not been able to benefit from good visibility for example. Plan at least 2/3 content sharing per day depending on the nature of your information Hootsuite or even Buffer according to your affinities.

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