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According to a Google study, 86% of consumers search for information on local businesses, their related services and products from the Internet. Therefore, if you are a small business or have multiple websites, you should employ a local strategy. What is Local SEO? Local SEO, also called local SEO, refers to techniques intended to position yourself on search engine results pages (SERPs) responding to a local query. To do this, various methods are used, some of which differ greatly from what is practiced in standard SEO. What is a “local search”? Anyone in the world with a good SEO and enough authority can rank for a search query like “how to fix a clogged drain”. However, when the request has a lot more purchase intention behind it, it becomes for example “plumbers near me” or “plumber in Lyon”.

What are the main local SEO services

This is precisely why local USA Phone Number List SEO is important and worth investing in alongside standard SEO. How can I rank well in local search? Now that you know what local SEO is, you’ll probably be wondering how to achieve it. In order to have a suitable local SEO strategy, the Google search engine is a must. And it is more precisely its Local Pack that can ensure you boost your local SEO. The basics We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the three fundamental elements of ranking in local search: Proximity : How close is your business to the person doing the research? Relevance: How relevant are your products and services to the search query? Importance: What are other consumers saying about your products and services? The Google Local Pack The Local Pack designates a zone of the Google search engine in which local results are displayed following a request from the Internet user.

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It contains important DT Leads information related to businesses. In order to position a company on the Local Pack, a certain number of elements must be present on the Internet: An exhaustive Google My Business listing; Website pages optimized for the local target audience; Well-informed contact details: a local telephone number, a postal address, opening hours, etc.; Consistency of information on all review sites, files, directories (name, address, telephone, etc.); Content that responds to local search queries related to your industry; Reviews and photos. What are the main local SEO services? Thanks to search engines like Google, local SEO can be an important work topic. It is constantly changing and can take a lot of time and effort to get right. This is why so many SEO agencies and consultants are investing in learning local SEO rather than broader SEO.

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