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First article in this series, if you’re curious about where you stand for your site’s CWV thresholds today. Moz has a tool for it currently in beta with the official launch coming later this year. First, let me pull up the best seat in the house for you the local business owner. Or marketer who has weathered so much in the past two years. For your work of serving the public. You deserve the comfy chair by the fire, the celebratory cup of hot chocolate. While we chat about preparing to take good care of your customers in the upcoming holiday season. Thank you for how you’ve risen every day to countless challenges.

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Kept communities supplied and will even France Phone Number List make some dreams come true when people give gifts to one another as expressions of love, hope, and generosity of spirit this winter. We can prepare your local business to be both popular and profitable in the 2021 holiday shopping season by identifying and answering six types of scenario-specific customer questions, and strategizing where to publicize the answers. Comfortable? Here we go! 1. Do you have [x]? Christmas gift wrapped with question mark on it and red stamp. It’s the most basic and obvious question at the start of every transaction.

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But the answer has become more complex in DT Leads the past two years due to the pandemic and related supply chain issues. Customer satisfaction is now tied, more than ever, to simply communicating availability via the following methods Best-in-class e-commerce systems should warn customers if local inventory levels are low or items are out of stock. If your solution is lacking features, it’s a signal an upgrade may be necessary to keep customers happy. Add your products for free to Google’s Merchant Center and be sure you’re keeping a good eye on be using) GMB attributes can also quickly signal some of these services on your listing.

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