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It’s a profitable job that you can do remotely in your free time. To work as an ditor, all you nee is a computer and a stable connection. Without forgetting of course the key skills: Have a good pen and know how to write for the web Have a spirit of synthesis Be comfortable with computer tools Have a basic knowlege of SEO . How does the job of an SEO web ditor work? You probably already know that websites don’t magically appear in search engine results like Google. Indee, there is a set of good practices to follow to position a site well . This is where natural referencing or SEO (search engine optimization) comes in. The role of an SEO writer is to produce textual content that not only appeals to Internet users, but also to Google’s algorithm. To do this, it integrates relevant keywords using tools like.

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Surfer SEO or YourTextGuru. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack As for the remuneration, of course, as a beginner, you should not expect an exceptional rate. Count on average 0.05 euro per word , or 25 euros for a text of 500 words . With experience, you will be able to write faster and earn $100 a day without a problem. Are you interestd in the job of web ditor? And you want to work freelance ? Know that Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List finding customers remains the most difficult task, especially when you are a beginner. Here are some tips to maximize your chances of finding one: Register on platforms ddicatd to web writing to land your first assignments: Textbroker.

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Rdactiweb, Wriiters, Textmaster… Also register on general platforms for freelancers: Upwork, Fiverr, Malt… Bring customers to you by creating a showcase site Create a professional account on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and publish articles there regularly to highlight your skills Give private lessons to earn 100 euros per day How DT Leads about sharing your knowldge with other Internet users to earn money on the Internet? Surely you have an area in which you particularly excel. Classical school subjects (languages, history, mathematics, etc.Music, IT, architecture or yoga? Whatever your skills, know that you can monetize them. How do I find students to teach? It’s simple register on platforms specialize in connecting teachers and individuals.

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