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Suppose you, as a Dutch seller, want to sell UK Phone Number a TomTom navigation system. That is also offered by a foreign seller on Amazon Germany. In this case, you only need to enter the EAN code of the product. Then the system indicates that UK Phone Number the product is already known on Amazon and asks if you want to sell the same product. If that is the case, you only need to enter your article code (sku), your stock and price. If your price UK Phone Number is lower than the cheapest provider at that time, 9 times out of 10 you will get the buybox (buy button). This allows you to ‘steal’ all sales from that particular seller(s).

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This is of course completely super if dozens of this product are sold per day. Numbers that are quite normal on Amazon for a good selling UK Phone Number product. At the moment, as Dutch sellers, we can easily offer our products throughout Europe via FBA, without foreign sellers being able to fish in our Dutch pond via Amazon. The UK Phone Number moment Amazon opens up the Dutch platform, this will change. Hundreds of thousands UK Phone Number of sellers enter the Dutch market overnight, which will undoubtedly lead to price pressure. Also read: 13 advantages of a trademark registration on Amazon Amazon has.

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The largest authority in the world UK Phone Number Now, of course, the arrival of these foreign sellers wouldn’t be such a problem if Amazon were just a small player with limited authority. However, it has just about the greatest authority in the world when it comes to ranking in Google. This means that the products offered on Amazon will UK Phone Number dominate Google in no time. It wouldn’t surprise me if they hit the number 1 position relatively quickly for many keywords. That is the case in many countries where they operate. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world with insanely high market shares in the countries in UK Phone Number which they operate. That is why it seems obvious to me that the Dutch public will soon embrace it and see it as one of their favorite stores.

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