Reading Milan Kundera’s Curtain: What is “what only a novel can say clearly

First contact with Milan. Milan Kundera, who borrowed “The Unbearable Lightness of Life” from the school library when he was in high school, purple cover, yellow lettering title — after many years, the crown has launched a whole new edition, white book cover With Kundera’s own illustrations, but when

I try to search the Internet for the old version I read

The cover that appears is orange — am I Slovenia Phone Number out of memory? In my impression, the cover feels a little grainy to the touch. Is that true? Although I later found the out-of-print purple book cover and confirmed that I remembered correctly (this time), in those few minutes,

All the pictures in the memory trembled uncertainly.

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Human beings are at odds with the past (even a few seconds ago), the result of two forces working together instantly and in unison: the force of forgetting (to erase everything) and the force of memory (to change everything). The eternity of forgetting makes every act of ours appear unreal, phantom, smoky.

Our real world, by its very nature, is fleeting and worthy of being forgotten. But the work of art stands majestically, like another world, an ideal, solid world. In it, every detail has its importance, its meaning. Everyone in it, every word, every sentence is not forgotten, and is preserved in its original appearance.

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