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This image is used in the ad. Product 1 – Link : If you are using Malta Phone Number a carousel ad, you can customize the link here. Product 1 – Name : If you are using a carousel ad, you can change the name here. Product 1 – Description : If you are using a carousel ad. You can edit the Malta Phone Number description here. Product 1 – Image Hash : If you are using a carousel ad you can adjust. The image here. Step 8. Adjust the location Each branch has its. Malta Phone Number own geographical area. In addition. You can use this set-up for, for example, an action-oriented campaign.

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Within Facebook Ads you can of course select place names. But what Malta Phone Number is also possible is to draw a ray around a specific area. To apply this relatively quickly, set this up via Excel. In the column ‘Addresses’ you can enter the Lattitude and Longitude followed by the kilometer radius. Setting the Lattitude and Longitude. Step 9. Import the Malta Phone Number Custom Excel into Facebook Ads After you have adjusted all rows, you can Malta Phone Number import the Excel file again. Try new advertising options again this year, but keep in mind. The goal of the organization and the information needs of the target group. Nice days!

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Facebook will automatically see which fields you have modified Malta Phone Number and implement them. Did you make a mistake somewhere? Then Facebook will give a notification. In the image below you can see where you can do the import. Screenshot of where you can import the Excel file. Optimizing & expanding Malta Phone Number goes a lot faster It’s a one-time job. But once you’ve got the basics set up, you can use this technique to optimize. Adding a target Malta Phone Number group within Excel is easy. Because you can apply this directly to all rows. You only have to adjust the ad once and then you can apply it again to all rows.

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