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Always make it clear what they’re receiving. But this get more promotion and more eyeballs on your best SEO content and hopefully more links, sharing, and all that to keep the flywheel going. Incentivize sharing So not only did we incentivize sign-ups, now that we’re in the email part and sending emails out, we want to incentivize sharing. That’s my fourth tip, incentivize sharing, because we don’t only want people to visit and read the content. We’re hoping that they’ll share it with their audience as well. One of the ways I like to do that is to segment my best sharers.

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Now what do I mean by this? I’m not Portugal Phone Number List only segmenting by interest, but I’m segmenting by influence. So I might put together a list of influencers or people I know in my particular industry that have sign up. Maybe I’ve target them. Just like I offer people exclusive content to sign up for the email list, I’m offering my sharers exclusive content before I share it with the rest of the world. So I might email my sharing segment and say, “Hey, we just publish a post. We haven’t told anybody. We’re going to announce it on social tomorrow. But I want to let you know about it ahead of time if you want to share it with your followers.

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Because we made it exclusive, we haven’t shar it DT Leads with our followers, it gives our influencers something to share and it makes them feel special and sharing it out with their own audience. There are different strategies that you can use to do that. But it is often an effective tactic to segment your best sharers. It’s a little advanc, but that can incentivize sharing and hopefully help out your SEO. 5. Keyword research Finally, when we talk about SEO, we talk about keyword research. Keyword research is one of those SEO areas that works really well in incorporating.

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