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Searchers having terrible customer experiences like driving to clos locations or calling old phone numbers. Then negative reviews like the one shown above result, degrading the overall rating of the business. If a pattern like this snowballs, the accumulation of low ratings can be enough to contribute to permanent business closure. In sum, inaccurate data on a listing and incorrect data across multiple listings are significant barriers to offering the kind of trustworthy customer service that underpins profitability. My own takeaway is that, regardless of trending sentiment on the impact of citations on Google’s local business rankings, their impact on humans outweighs all other considerations.

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There’s simply no gainsaying that shding 63% of South Korea Phone Number List your potential customers and seeing your reputation and profits deteriorate is an acceptable loss from ignoring citation management. So, should you be paying for citation management? “If you’re worri that people might see the wrong name or phone number online, it might be a good idea to stomach the annual fee.” — Joy Hawkins, Sterling Sky Who can you trust? Moz sells a local business listing management product call Moz Local. Let’s face it — we have a vest interest in finding that it’s a useful business strategy to pay for help with location data distribution and stewardship, as do many of our peers who publish these kinds of studies and surveys about the role of citations in local search marketing.

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What I’ve notic is that brands which sell DT Leads ongoing location data management services tend to feel their methodology is best, and those which vend one-and-done deals think their way is right. I personally think what matters is what works for the local businesses you are marketing, and again, I want to see an actual study about this rather than relying on my own opinion. More real data, please! I took notice when the independent local search marketing firm, Sterling Sky, (which doesn’t develop local business listings software.

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