Provide a Solid Marketing Foundation the First Step Had

Then I advised Bert to ‘put the house in order’. For example, the company technically had a website, but this was in fact no more than the text of an advertising brochure, displayed on a domain name.

The CRM consisted of a cluttered Excel sheet and the employees, each with a large network, were mainly concerned with making phone calls based on their personal Rolodex .

Bert got to work, together with an agency and:

  • took a closer look at positioning and strategy
  • redeveloped the website
  • set up conversion paths
  • linked a CRM to the website
  • makes website visits and conversions transparent with Google Analytics

The result is a website that is easier to find, but also a website that generated leads for the first time. Since Bert’s actions, the sales pipeline has been transparent and the data of (potential) customers can now be accessed via one central CRM. After a short mourning process, the Excel could go into the trash.

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There is now also insight into how many visitors come to the website and through which channels. In addition, it gives an idea of ​​which channels are converting into lead and customer, and to what extent.

3. Hiring an intern is not the golden egg

It has been quite a challenge for Bert to take the base to Purchasing Directors Email Lists a higher level. But he succeeded. Only one persistent problem remained: only 30 visitors per day came to the website. And even though there were now 4 requests per month instead of zero, something had to be done.

Purchasing Directors Managers Email Lists

In conversation with the management team, a brilliant idea arises: hire an intern!

“A Generation Z person who is handy with social media’. This ensures extra visitors to the website.” 

Problem solved. Or not?

In any case, Bert is happy with the idea. It gives him the opportunity to transfer his marketing tasks to the intern. Because he has much more affinity with that than he does.

So the intern goes to work with good courage. Show that it is possible to increase the number of likes on the Linkedin company page. Even create a TikTok account with all kinds of cool videos on it. And attracts 30 extra visitors per day to the website.

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