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The ideation platform cannot be effective if there is not transparent governance that encourages employees to join and contribute their ideas freely. Real estate investment: is the purchase-resale interesting? 4.8 ( 20 ) Updatd July 27, 2022 Purchase-resale is the most profitable for real estate investment Are you looking to make an interesting investment ? Several solutions are available to you such as life insurance, the stock market, and others, but the most profitable investment remains real estate investment . Investing in stone allows you to take advantage of attractive tax advantages in addition to allowing you to build up a real estate portfolio , to become an owner.

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profitable real estate investment Choose the purchase-resale for a profitable real estate investment! Note however that instead of having a heritage by opting for a rental property investment for example, you can make a purchase-resale. In fact, buying and selling is the most profitable because it allows you to benefit from an investment that grows quickly . Summary of the article Is the purchase-resale still interesting? Become a real estate agent How to make EL Salvador Mobile Number List the purchase-resale a very profitable investment? Purchase-resale: how to finance the project? Is the purchase-resale still interesting? The purchase-resale is the most profitable in terms of investment, because it allows you to earn money quickly.

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The adde value is also high. In addition, there is the advantageous taxation. In fact, there are several advantageous devices for the purchase-resale . If the rental investment makes it possible to benefit from a real estate tax exemption via the devices of the Pinel law or the Malraux law , the purchase-resale benefits from the advantages of the Duflot law . The advantages of the device concern the sale of apartments. The property dealer can benefit from a tax rduction of up to 18% providd that the apartment has been rentd out for 9 years . Another advantage with this law is the zoning that favors cities with high demand for housing. Other solutions exist in the context of tax rductions, or even total exemption.

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