Problems With Managing a Remote Team (With Solutions)

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved . – Mattie StepanekWith much of our lives going digital, our work is said to be not immune to its effects. Digitization has seen an increase in remote work teams comprising groups that share a common goal and skill set that complement each other . This also includes carrying out activities remotely to achieve a well-defined goal. The addition of online collaborative tools for synchronizing and sharing information has made it easy for everyone to join the remote work revolution .

According to a 2014 Global Leadership Summit

According to a 2014 Global Leadership Summit hosted by the London Business School, 34% of attendees estimated that more than 50% of their company’s full-time employees would work remotely by 2020 . Another quarter of participants believed nearly 75% of their workforce Uganda Phone Number List will be remote by 2020 . Managing people can be difficult at the best of times and it requires a host of skills such as decision making and conflict resolution.


How, When and Why to Use Remote Teamsas Trends

How, when and why to use remote teamsAs trends change and more work moves online, hiring managers must adapt. This may mean considering hiring globally. Imagine finding a designer in Italy and a web developer in China working on the same project for you. Good right?Remote work allows your business to break many boundaries. As territorial limitations are reduced, the search for the best candidates for your tasks improves. This can save you on overhead costs such as office locations and supplies. Your remote employees will also have the freedom to arrange their own work environment according to their needs and tastes .

This can boost morale which in turn has the benefit of greater productivity. Problems with managing a remote team while remote work may sound ideal on paper, it’s not without its challenges.

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