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The positive thing about this online marketing India Phone Number method. That you get the attention of (potential) customers by providing free value. 2. Search & Display Ads Unlike engineered marketing, search & display ads are a more intrusive method. However, it can be extremely effective and you can calculate whether it is India Phone Number profitable or not. You can see per ad how many times it was clicked and at what cost. In addition, you can set goals in Google Analytics , such as the number of appointments made with India Phone Number the sales department via the website.

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With the goals in Google Analytics you India Phone Number can then see how many of these appointments with the sales department have been received via the advertisement. By comparing the costs of the ads with the income from India Phone Number these sales agreements, you know what the ROI of your ad is. Search Search ads show up in search engines when you search for certain words. For example, the ad that appears at the top of Google search results when you search for ‘Nike shoes’. Display Display ads are the familiar India Phone Number banners you see on websites. If you’re using display ads, it’s important that you select websites that belong to your target audience.

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For example, as an investment company, you India Phone Number might want banners on sites such as Quote. 3. Social Media Ads In addition to posting content and interacting on social media, you can post ads on most social media platforms. The great thing is that these platforms have a lot of information about users compared to search & India Phone Number display ads. Think of age, hobbies, functions, messages that people have liked and so on. This allows you to run your ads in a much more targeted manner. However, it is good to India Phone Number remember that leads that come in via search ads are often further along in the buying process than social media leads.

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