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That is where the future lies for online, not Belgium Phone Number in a webshop. But you will have to work creatively if you offer products that others (can) also offer. A very good option is bundling products. Bundling means that you make Belgium Phone Number one new product from two products. This new product will receive a new EAN code. Let’s say you sell Nespresso products. You could then offer a Nespresso coffee machine Belgium Phone Number along with Nespresso coffee cups. This then becomes a new product with a new EAN code on Amazon. The disadvantage of this bundle is that it can easily be copied by other sellers.

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In a short time, you will likely see other sellers Belgium Phone Number on your Amazon listing. Add your own product It is better if you add a product of your own brand. For example, add a coffee cup holder. You can have these made cheaply in China and, for example, provided with your own logo. In this case you have one product with Belgium Phone Number one EAN code, consisting of three individual products. Because you have added your own product to it, others can no longer add their product under your EAN code. You Belgium Phone Number are actually making a combination of the brand model and the private label model here. Especially if you are there immediately when Amazon goes live in the Netherlands, you can benefit enormously from this.

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You can of course also choose to say goodbye Belgium Phone Number to the branded products you sell and focus on your own products. In a previous article I discussed this so-called private label model in detail. Besides the fact that no one can steal your listing on Amazon, there are two more important reasons why the private label model Belgium Phone Number is very interesting on Amazon. This has everything to do with the operation of Amazon’s search engine. Authority plays no role on Amazon Unlike Google, authority in Amazon’s Belgium Phone Number search engine plays no role whatsoever. Whether you are a well-known brand or a completely new unknown brand, it doesn’t matter to the platform. If you sell more than the well-known brand, you will rank above that brand in the search engine.

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