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How big is the recycling market? Taking mobile phones as an example, according to relevant statistics, there are currently more than 1.5 billion smartphones in China. While about 550 million to 600 million new mobile phones are sold every year, more than 400 million Taiwan Mobile Number old mobile phones are also obsolete. The recycling value of obsolete mobile phones is 800 yuan, so this is a huge market of 300 billion yuan. However, for a long time, the institutional recycling rate of used mobile phones is only 1% to 2%, which is both a problem and a huge market space. The bottlenecks restricting the outbreak in this field are mainly: The recycling service itself is lagging behind.

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Such a business form is too low, and it is difficult to win the trust of users and develop it on a large scale. Privacy concerns become a concern. Privacy leaks due to irregularities in mobile phone emptying have always been a concern. The availability of the business itself. Mobile Taiwan Mobile Number phone recycling is not a high-frequency demand, but an “immediate scenario”. If you suddenly have a mobile phone that you don’t need, where should you send it? They also don’t go out to the streets to find recycling booths. In most cases, they are left idle at home.

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Information asymmetry, privacy and convenience have become the reasons for the long-term decline in the recycling rate of used mobile phones. Whoever solves these problems and who can make the recovery rate from less than 1% to more than 30% (refer to the European and American markets) will be able to win this huge market. How to break the bottleneck? In response to the bottleneck Taiwan Mobile Number problem of mobile phone recycling, recycling platforms have formed a certain differentiated competitive route after development under the condition of initial homogeneity. Take Huishoubao and Aihuishou, the two largest players in the market, as examples.  Aihuishou covers online platforms and offline self-operated stores. In addition to mobile phone recycling, it also conducts home appliance recycling, mobile phone repair, and second-hand mobile phone sales.

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