PayByLink the new payment trend in 2021

Consumption habits are not the only ones to change during this Covid-19 health crisis, but payment habits as well. People want to avoid physical contact. They prefer to be cautious and physical stores are seeing their footfall in the store drop. All methods that promote social distancing have therefore become welcome. PayByLink is one. To help merchants adapt to this new trend, Silkpay has launched the PayByLink service allowing its merchants to send payment links to their customers so that they can pay for their purchases remotely. How does PayByLink work? The merchant generates a payment link from his mobile phone, TPE or the Silkpay web platform in a few simple clicks. Then they can send it to their customers by email, sms or via social networks (Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Lin.

Who can benefit from PayByLink

The merchant generates the Mexico Phone Number List payment link.png The merchant shares the payment link.png The merchant is paid.png Contact our team All European merchants can contact Silkpay to activate PayByLink. This service could be of particular interest to companies such as retailers, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, and service companies, to name a few. Merchants can attach payment links to electronic invoices sent by email or SMS, asking customers to pay them. B2B companies can also integrate these links into invoices for faster payment. If you are a physical store, and want to check out your customers remotely, it’s time to try PayByLink. Additionally, merchants processing telephone transactions could particularly benefit from PayByLink and minimize the risks associated with taking payment over the phone.

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The customer then makes the payment in

With PayByLink, even the merchant who does not have a website or online store can accept payments online, saving them significant DT Leads financial and operational resources in the payment flow. Using PayByLink: PayByLink is used for remote transactions. Payment links are at the heart of these types of transactions as well, as they allow companies to create process: an online payment link offers customers a simple payment solution. Don’t wait weeks for checks or transfers from your customers: get paid by PayByLink. It just takes a few clicks to generate a link that is valid for an unlimited time. Customers can then pay at their convenience. It’s international: collect international payments for cusand send a personalized payment link to their customers via email, SMS or via social networks.

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