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This article will combine the sharing of big names in the content payment industry summit held by the knowledge payment tool Xiaogetong at the beginning of this year, and talk about: How to do a sustainable content payment business? enjoy In 2017, the number of subscribers to “Xue Zhaofeng’s Economics Class” exceeded 200,000; the Himalayan 123 Knowledge Festival sold 196 Guatemala Mobile Number million; Mi Meng’s online Little Goose Pass sold 200,000 in 4 days; Luo Zhenyu’s friends became a crowd on New Year’s Eve A breath of fresh air in a variety show carnival. In 2017, the term “knowledge payment” finally gradually entered the public’s field of vision, which in turn led to countless entrepreneurs wanting to enter the game of knowledge payment to share a big cake. 

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As a leader in this industry, Ten O’clock Reading has made a lot of attempts in content creation. There are nearly 20 courses on the homepage of the store that reads at ten o’clock, and each course has a good number of subscriptions. Among them, “Teach You to Use Guatemala Mobile Number Psychology Skillfully…” – Liu Xuan and “Tear Out the Word Grammar Book…” Yang Cuixian both achieved more than 100,000 subscriptions. According to statistics, it took Mr. Liu Xuan’s class to reach 100,000 in one year, while Mr. Yang Cuixian’s class only took 4 months to create a flow of tens of millions. In fact, from the perspective of the teacher’s IP attributes, the difference between the two is not that significant.

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Under the current social situation, users are still in a situation of ignorance of their own psychology and do not know whether there is such a demand, which Guatemala Mobile Number naturally raises the user’s payment threshold. Psychology is actually a subject that has only gradually become popular in recent years, which is also felt as a high-quality content entrepreneurial platform in the vertical field of psychology.

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