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To do this, you will have several steps to go through. First of all, you must notify the general management and ask for their agreement . Tell them clearly about the main objectives of this joint project. These objectives must also be well understood by all members of the company. In addition, you must be patient , because setting up and adapting to such a tool takes time. The most difficult step in the process is giving employees a voice . You must make them understand that only a few ideas will be retaind. The sender of an unsuccessful suggestion or idea should not consider it a form of exclusion.

Brainstorming Sessions Including

On the contrary you must continually encourage participation. Plan animations around the box to make your employees want to bring out their ideas . In addition, you ned to communicate about setting up the online suggestion box. Talk about it on corporate networks so that your customers realize that you listen to your employees and that their opinions matter Georgia Mobile Number List to you. Although your customers cannot express themselves on the subject, this allows you to succee in making your business profitable by improving the image of your startup or your company. Finally, do not hesitate to congratulate those whose ideas have been selectd. Similarly, all participants should be rewardd. It can be purely symbolic or financial according to your possibilities.

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The Collaborative Tool

The methods of a real business on the internet at €22,000 per month FREE Pack Citizen suggestion box: what is it? The citizen suggestion box is base on the same principle as that installd in companies. Usd to promote the participation of inhabitants , it aims to involve them more in the development process in accordance with the local urban plan . The physical versions of these boxes are installd in public places such as the town hall, at the entrance of an administrative building, etc. Everyone can slip in ideas and suggestions around different themes such as neighborhood life, improving the living environment, etc. In this way, there is no ned to wait for the public meeting or the neighborhood councils to express themselves. Although the use of the suggestion box is still relevant at the level of cities and regions, many of the latter use the online suggestion box in parallel.

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