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He can also apply within the ESN or Companies of the digital sector. Database Administrator The database administrator is an e-commerce profession, because without it, some software does not work. It is loade with software such as those intend for database management, for example. He ensures their proper functioning, but also their evolution. He must also adapt the software for which he is responsible according to the neds and requests of users. Web marketing positions For a cheap merchant site to function properly, it neds experts in marketing techniques , especially in web marketing . Thanks to these, the e-commerce platform can gain visibility , audience and increase turnover. Among the professions of webmarketing in e-commerce, there is that of webmarketing manager . There is also the profession of e-commerce e-CRM project manager.

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Then there is that of traffic manager, in charge of web referencing , e-merchandiser, etc. e-commerce business as webmarketing E-commerce job: webmarketing manager This e-commerce job is a marketing job . It requires collaboration with experts who have a specialization in digital marketing such as the marketing director or marketing director, the sales team and the team in charge of digital communication and marketing. The role of a webmarketing manager is to Macedonia Mobile Number List make the company known to its targets . It ensures the achievement of objectives by checking all the levers (traffic, customer loyalty, sales rate, etc. He also collaborates with professionals such as the webmarketing manager in the context of SEM natural referencing and SEO strategy, the deployment of e-mailing, the use of Google Analytics, affiliation, promotional offers etc.

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To exercise this e-commerce profession, you must have at least a business school diploma. When you have your diploma in your pocket, you can apply to large companies that manage an e-commerce website, to marketing consulting agencies or to web DT Leads agencies. e-CRM project manager It is also an e-commerce business. The e-CRM project manager or Customer Relationship Management project manager is a professional who collaborates with several teams (IT, marketing, etc.

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