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I will also reveal the criteria of a good dropship agent as well as the tips for finding one . Summary of the article A little reminder on how dropshipping works What is a dropship agent? And what is its role? Why use a dropshipping agent? How to work with a dropship agent? What are the criteria to consider when choosing a dropshipping agent? Where to find a good dropshipping agent? A little reminder on how dropshipping works To better understand the role of a dropship agent, a little reminder is in order: what is dropshipping? It is a business model that involves a customer, an intermdiary and a supplier.

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The principle of dropshipping is as follows: The customer places an order on an e-commerce store The owner of the sales site also calle dropshipper transfers the customer’s order to the supplier The supplier packs and then sends the order directly to the end customer . In this form of e-commerce , the reseller has the advantage of not having to worry about the Kazakhstan Mobile Number List hassle of logistics. This is also why we talk about online sales without stocks . dropshipping Here is what you nee to do to be successful in the dropshipping or online selling business: Find a profitable niche in dropshipping Create an e-commerce site optimizd for SEO (natural referencing) Write unique product sheets to stay.

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Ahead of the competition Optimize the user experience of the site to improve your conversion rate Collaborate with a reliable supplier who offers attractive prices and ensures a short delivery time And note that this last point turns out to be a very difficult DT Leads task, especially if you work with suppliers abroad . This is where a dropshipping agent comes in. What is a dropship agent? And what is its role? A dropship agent, also calle supply agent or dropshipping agent, is a professional who acts as an intermdiary between a supplier and a dropshipper. What is a dropship agent? Dropshipping agents generally live in China, speak Chinese and/or English and know the Chinese market inside out.

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