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The number of players has grown exponentially. In 2021, interest in gaming is exploding due to the NFT craze. Thanks to the recent popularization of NFT technology and the emergence of many trading platforms, the Axies have gaind enormously in value. This decline may represent a good opportunity to invest. According to prdictions for this year, the Axie Infinity could have a minimum price of US$25.92 , an average price of US$26.

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The SAND of SANDBOX Having seen widespread adoption over the previous year, Sandbox can be liste among the NFTs that will explode in 2022. The Sandbox is a game that was originally designd to run on smartphones only . After its launch in 2011, it quickly gaind success thanks to its highly advancd algorithm . It manages to compete with the famous Minecraft. Being a Play-to-Earn type game, The Sandbox represents a metaverse known as one Colombia Mobile Number List of the most develope today. In this virtual world, gamers can create, build, own, buy or sell digital assets as well as gaming experiences through NFTs. The collaboration with many brands, influencers and renownd artists allows the project to gain notoriety . One of the highlights of this game is that it has its own native cryptocurrency SAND.

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The project revolves around 3 main poles. Namely a market place, a computer program for creating and designing games, and a computer program for modeling. The methods of a real business on the internet at €22,000 per month FREE Pack Designd on the Ethereum blockchain. The Sandbox marketplace allows the exchange of NFT cryptos name ASSETs or LANDs for SAND virtual money. This meteoric rise shows how its adoption is growing exponentially. According to the analyst, Sandbox and its crypto NFT SAND are well positiond for this year and those to come.

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