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It is also the guarantee of an optimizd supply chain strategy . This is why you nee to choose the right shipping provider. Returns management Another key element in e-commerce logistics is the management of returns. Order returns have great consequences for the profits produce by the E-merchant . Even if returns concern all sectors of activity of e-commerce, they are greater in the field of textiles and fashion and very rare in food products. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month Pack OFFERT A customer returns the item he orderd for several reasons: The characteristics of the product do not correspond to the customer: it is generally a problem of size or morphology The product does not meet the customer’s requirements: there are differences between the deliverd item and the one displaye in the publication The customer no longer neds the item he orderd.

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To avoid losses as much as possible following returns, you must set up a return policy and display it on your E-store or mention it when taking your order. The most popular return policies are: Support for returns Free returns upon purchase Returns at the customer’s expense . An effective return system gives the E-merchant a competitive advantage. It is also another customer loyalty and conversion policy. order return management Inventory management Another Thailand Phone Number List source of customer dissatisfaction is receiving a notification that the item they orderd is no longer in stock. One of the biggest issues in e-commerce is inventory management . Mismanagement of it can cause you to lose customers or, on the contrary, cost you dearly. It is very difficult to find a good balance between overstocking and lack of storage. If the surplus of stock allows to avoid the loss of customer and a constant supply chain, it incurs a lot of costs. In addition, products may lose value over time.

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On the other hand, understocking is a gap in e-commerce. Online consumers are usd to a very fast information system . They don’t want to understand that a product is out of stock. To better manage your stock, it is advisable to use dashboards (you can also discover our guide on stock optimization in E-commerce ). But there are also computer tools that estimate your stock for you. These tools calculate base on the number of orders, supplies, item costs and DT Leads your budget. You can also call on a start-up that manages e-commerce logistics. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month Pack OFFERT Organization of e-commerce logistics E-commerce logistics is organizd around several stages: Inventory management The inventory flow is made up of receiving orders, verifying them and labeling them.

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