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According to Hootsuite’s Social Trends 2022, “Facebook is the most effective social platform for achieving business goals. According to 62% of marketers, ahead of Instagram (49%) and LinkedIn (40%)”. In order to optimize your presence on social networks , you must create original content that will capture the attention of your audience. Therefore, a good community manager must know how to use his creativity to stand out from the competition. However, it should be not that producing original and creative publications for social networks requires time and reflection. Good content is not limit to an assembly of photos, texts and emoticons, it goes far beyond! It is therefore essential to give time to your content to stand out in your community management . Here are some basic tips to get you start. First of all, an effective publication is bas on the relevance of the subject address as well as the tone you use.

Guidelines for major social networks

Concretely, you must adapt your El-Salvador Phone Number List communication on the different social networks . If we favor friendliness and humor on some of them, you will have to keep your professionalism on others. Let’s find out together what to do for each platform: Facebook (Meta) Knowing. That it has been the essential social network for many years, with its more than 2.5 billion users. You will have to remain as sober as possible on your publications, while respecting 111 characters. Don’t use hashtags! they are not effective at all on Facebook. An emoticon will be more than enough to brighten up your post, and favor content with links to articles on your site if possible. If you have the budget, go through the Facebook Ads platform to boost your publications and set up impactful advertisements.

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The budget to devote will be much

Than on LinkeIn in particular and whatever DT Leads people say, you have to pay to be seen on Facebook! LinkedIn This professional social network aims to share links, in particular via professional pages where content can then be relay on the personal profiles of contributors. As such, it would be wise to set up an ambassador program to maximize the reach and visibility of your posts to several audiences. This is possible when several editors and collaborators intervene on your site to write content. First, they must be registered on the company’s professional page and their profiles must indicate that they are employees or collaborators of the company. Then you just have to notify them of the shared post from the 3 small dots above your post, as below.

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