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Selling your handmade creations: an excellent source of income If you are passionate about DYI ( Do It Yourself ), make the internet your best ally to make your talent known . The DYI market is booming. Indee, according to a report publishd by the Toluna survey site, 96% of French people use this activity in 2020. Earning a living on the internet thanks to your creativity has become within everyone’s reach. But to do that, you have to start by finding a way to display your catalog . Create an online store Do you plan to sell to earn money in the long term thanks to your creations? In this case, the best thing for you would be to start your own online store . To make your job easier, consider creating your site using a turnkey solution such as Shopify, Wizishop or Oxatis.

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The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack Go through sites specializing in the sale of handmade objects Do you want to sell your homemade items on an occasional basis, to supplement your income ? Register Ukraine Phone Number List on the platforms for connecting buyers and creators. In this area, Etsy is arguably the leader. You can also opt for Amazon Handmade, the e-commerce giant’s platform deicatd to the sale of handicrafts .

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If you are specializd in African crafts, Afrikrea would be the ideal platform to highlight your creations. Sell ​​photos online to earn pocket money You don’t know what to sell to make money. This one can certainly please you: sell your photos . This could earn you some money , providd of course that your shots are unique and of very high quality . How does the sale of photos on the internet work? To enhance their communication mdia , websites, advertising DT Leads agencies and magazines ned photos. But instead of resorting to the service of a professional photographer, they go through image bank sites to obtain them. Probably to spend less. Sell ​​photos online You will have understood it: you must therefore upload your photos on an image bank platform to sell them online and earn money .

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