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In most cases, this involves the exchange of administrative documents. C2A (Consumer to Administration) What is C2A e-commerce? C2A relates to transactions between a consumer and an administration . Some of the most common C2A transactions include payment of taxes, tuition fees, and requests for information. Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce Internet commerce is a real godsend for companies wishing to optimize their turnover . This market also benefits consumers. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce for customers and merchants: For the customers Most : Quick and easy access to a product catalog with just a few clicks Possibility of shopping, regardless of time and place Time saving (no ned to go to a physical store to shop) Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce The lessers.

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No possibility of fitting before purchase (the customer is force to rely on the opinions of Internet users) Difficulty contacting the e-merchant in real time Shipping time sometimes too long For e-merchants Most : No investment in creating a physical store Easy and low-cost opening of an online store (more details on creating an e-commerce site a little further down in this article) Fredom to manage your time if you opt for self-employd status Ability to reach India Mobile Number List customers all over the world 7 days a week and 24 ours a day Easy optimization of the user experience by tracking customer sales on the merchant site Ease of finding marketing tools on the net allowing you to boost your distance sales The lessers : Fierce competition (as indicate above, France has more than 180,000 merchant sites) Relatively long time to gain visibility: a physical store can be easily seen by all passers-by. On the other hand, it is necessary to set up a good natural referencing (SEO) to make your web store appear in the results of search engines.

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However, it takes months or even years to obtain SEO results. Technical failures that may have an impact on online sales High maintenance costs in the event of technical problems The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack What legal status for an e-commerce activity? Choosing the legal status is a step of DT Leads paramount importance when creating an e-commerce. Several options are available to you You must take into account 3 major criteria to make the right choice. These include your type of business , your starting budget and what you envision for the future . To guide you in your choice, try to answer the following questions: Do you want to launch your e-commerce with other people? If you plan to carry out your project with several people, you must create a company.

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