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Keen students of SEO theory will be unsurpris. To see page-level links being by far the most potent prictor. I’m sure this data will feel vindicating to SEOs and digital PRs who swear by building links directly to product or category pages, and they may have a point. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind Often. Homepages are the most link-to page on a site. We shouldn’t be surpris to see homepages rank well in the SERPs where they’re relevant, and that is some of what this data describes. You can achieve, from a PageRank perspective.

Category Pages And They May Have

Depending where your built links are Pakistan Phone Number List pointing, of course.) Links vs. Authoritative Links External links and Moz metrics vs. rankings chart. This is perhaps another chart that more reaffirms what we’d hope than blows anyone’s mind, but yes, Moz’s DA and PA metrics — which look at the overall authority as well as quantity of links to a domain or page — do outperform raw follow link count. That said, I may find this unsurprising, but plenty of brands and agencies out there still do KPI link building campaigns bas on link count, so perhaps this chart will be of particular interest in their case! Brand Search Volume vs.

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Domain-level This comparison is an DT Leads old favorite of mine, and illustrates some of the reasons why link-level factors are valu by Google in the first place they were, originally, a proxy for popularity. Domain level metrics vs. rankings chart. Those of you paying attention may actually be surpris that DA outperforms Brand Search Volume here. That does tend to be the case as you get deeper into search results. If we look at the top 10 only, you see lower correlations in general (due to the smaller. a similar effect to direct page-level link building through the use of internal links.

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