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Google has a finite amount of time it’s willing to spend crawling your site. So if you’re having issues with indexation, this is a topic you should care about. Photo of the whiteboard describing crawl budget. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a larger version in a new tab! Video Transcription Happy Friday, Moz fans, and today’s topic is crawl budget. I think it’s worth saying right off the bat that this is somewhat of a more advanc topic or one that applies primarily to larger websites. I think even if that’s not you, there is still a lot you can learn from this in terms of SEO theory that comes.

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About when you’re looking at some of Cambodia Phone Number List the tactics you might employ or some of the diagnostics you might employ for a crawl budget. But in Google’s own documentation they suggest that you should care about crawl budget if you have more than a million pages or more than 10,000 pages that are updat on a daily basis. I think those are obviously kind of hard or arbitrary thresholds. I would say that if you have issues with your site getting index and you have pages deep on your site that are just not getting into the index that you want to, or if you have issues with pages not getting index quickly enough.

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Then in either of those cases crawl budget is DT Leads an issue that you should care about. What is crawl budget? Drawing of a spider holding a dollar bill. So what actually is crawl budget? Crawl budget refers to the amount of time that Google is willing to spend crawling a given site. Although it seems like Google is sort of all-powerful, they have finite resources and the web is vast. So they have to prioritize somehow and allocate a certain amount of time or resource to crawl a given website.

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