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Note that this is a link that will send anyone who clicks on it to a request for confirmation of subscription to your YouTube channel. Acquire more new subscribers Acquire more new subscribers to your YouTube channel! To see it more clearly, here is an example: You posted a video on your channel, and you got over 1000 YouTube views . To encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel , you comment on your own video. At the end of your comment, you insert your subscription link. The person who clicks on it will then be directed to a pop-up . This ad window displays a message such as: Are you sure you want to subscribe to “Name of your channel. If the user concerned clicks on “Subscribe”, he will then become a subscriber to your YouTube channel.

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The methods of a real business on the internet at €22,000 per month FREE Pack By the way, you can also find out how to make money on YouTube . This guide shows you how to make money on YouTube: from subscribers, through channel monetization, and Afghanistan Mobile Number List while building trust with your audience. Why create a YouTube subscription link? The point of creating a subscription link is obviously to acquire new subscribers . Note that this link is much more effective than a simple URL. Indeed, thanks to this link, your targets will be able to subscribe in a single click.

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Also, recommended by YouTube, this method is totally free . create a subscription link to your YouTube channel How to create a subscription link to your YouTube channel? Here are the two steps to follow to create a subscription link to your YouTube channel: Step 1: Get YouTube Channel URL If you already know how to get your URL , you can skip to step 2 right away. Otherwise, you need to follow these instructions: Click on your logo at the top right Go to “YouTube Studio” Click on “Personalization” in the menu on the left Go to “General Info” to find your YouTube channel URL there Copy your YouTube channel URL The methods of a real business on the internet at €22,000 per month FREE Pack Step Create a YouTube channel subscription link Once you find your URL copy it into a text editor.

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