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Ranking potential There are some pages that might not be doing quite well. But they have high ranking potential. So if a page is like on page 2 and you know that it’s going after a keyword that is not so difficult, then you might want to prioritize fixing that page so that you can start getting results a lot quicker. Then by issue type as well. Some issues are worth going after and fixing quicker than other issues. The technical effort as well. Some issues are a lot easier to fix. If you’re not technical, this is not for you to determine.

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You might want to talk to your developers Iceland Phone Number List and for them to estimate how hard or easy a page would be to fix. Prioritizing by issue type If you’re technical, of course you can be the judge of that yourself. But in terms of the issues type, this is a list of the common issues and how to prioritize them So you have the critical crawler issues. So you could have a server error or a broken page, so the 4XX pages or errors. Make sure you fix those immediately because they are impacting your user journey and potential rankings as well. The metadata issues as well.

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So things like missing descriptions, those are DT Leads things you want to to fix next after the pages are already accessible. Redirect issues as well. No one wants a redirect chain. So make sure that’s fixed after you fix your metadata issues. Content issues are minor tweaks here and there. So they are important, but they’re very much low on your priority. So if you are finding like you don’t have the right keyword, for example, in your URL, that might not always be very important to fix right away because the efforts to fix that might not be worth the result in the sense of.

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