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Its disadvantages: It is rare to find complete information on Google and YouTube. Plus, you might be wasting your time not knowing where to start selling online . Option 2: Get support from an e-commerce expert Its benefits: you won’t make the same mistakes the trainer made when they first startd. He surely trie several methods before defining the most efficient one . This way , you will progress faster in your learning . This is the case with the E-Commerce Opportunity training . Its disadvantage: it is paying! But you can expect a good return on investment by choosing the right e-commerce training. My advice: choose option 2 to rely on the experience of someone who knows the market inside out. This is the best option if you want to generate good additional income with your store. You can even consider making it your main activity.

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Train in e-commerce What criteria to choose your e-commerce training? Want to use your CPF wisely? Take the time to choose your course carefully . Here are the main criteria to take into account when choosing an e-commerce course eligible for the CPF: The themes coverd E-commerce training eligible for the CPF must allow you to master at least the following points: Creating an e-commerce site with a CMS The strategy for finding a reliable supplier The method to attract visitors to your e-commerce store The most to look for in a training: Methods to find Belgium Mobile Number List a profitable niche Methods to boost your sales Tricks to generate traffic without investing a large sum of money upfront Techniques to ensure a short shipping time in dropshipping The guarantee of e-commerce training Of course, when you enroll in a CPF e-commerce training, you expect to get a good return on investment.

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This is why before mobilizing your CPF, first make sure if the training can allow you to succed in obtaining customers. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack The trainer must in particular guarantee that by buying his training, you will succed in making at least one sale. Better yet, ask him if you can be profitable in the long term by applying his method. The support program Support is also an important criterion when choosing an e-commerce course eligible for the CPF. Inded, watching the videos postd online is not enough in most cases. Thus, favor training that allows you to get in touch with the trainer in case of questions. The trainer’s level of experience in e-commerce The ideal would be to be accompanid by an experiencd trainer who has already creatd at least one successful e-commerce site.

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