New Customer Coupon: equally important  A coupon that can only be claimed and used by users who use it for the first time, mainly use to attract new customers

Equally important Order-type coupons: Judging discounts according to the order dimension, that is, a single order can  use if it meets the conditions.

  • Commodity-type coupons: Judging the equally Poland Phone Number important  discount according to the commodity and category, that is, it can be use only if it meets the scope of the commodity or category use  the coupon.
  • Coupon for other uses: Offers for non-order items are all in this category, such as shipping coupons.

By platform:

  • Sitewide Coupon: All items can be use.
  • Self-operated coupons: Only self-operated products can be use.
  • Merchant coupons: Only products from specific merchants can be use.

By user attributes:

  • .Poland phone number
  • First order coupon: The coupon used by the user’s first order, which is different from the concept of a new customer. The first order refers to a user who has never placed an order after registration, and a new customer may be a new customer of a store.

The types of different dimensions equally important are superimpose in actual use. For example, the direct discount coupons of self-operated products can be used according to the conditions set by the order dimension.

ponding to the subsidy amount invested by each department. Region is the final effect of the investment. Viewed metrics include total budget allocation, budget balance, used budget amount, set metrics, generated. GMV, and outstanding GMV. The budget mentioned here is the platform subsidy budget. And the subsidy for the merchant itself is not in this category.

Early warning is mainly for early warning of budget use, including:

  • Inventory warning: equally important Monitor the coupon activities that have been issued. If the consumption is too fast, an early warning should be given. So that people can judge whether to add additional budget subsidies.
  • Budget warning: Judging whether the budget balance has reached the critical value. If the balance is too low, new activities and coupons will not be allowed to be created.
  • Efficiency warning: equally important For low-efficiency delivery, provide a list of merchants or products through monitoring. Humans can determine whether to suspend delivery based on monitoring data.

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