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He sometimes leads a team made up of graphic artists, designers, and many others. Finally, he is the main responsible for the creative work . He manages the budget and ensures compliance with the agre deadlines. web designer He is responsible for the graphic aspect of an online sales platform or e-commerce . If the artistic director imagines the graphic charter, the web designer designs it. He is the one behind the logos, colors, fonts, animations and others on an e-commerce site. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack Multimeia graphic designer This e-commerce job requires qualities such as rigor , creativity , etc. The multimdia graphic designer generally collaborates with the web designer. His field of intervention is the design and layout of the elements of a website, whether pages, animation, videos, or others.

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Designer director It is in a way an architect for an e-commerce site . He is the one who defines the architecture of an online store. It organizes, designs, stages the solutions and means usd for navigation. Thanks to it, Internet users will be able to easily access the Malta Mobile Number List information that the site owner wishes to highlight. Technical trades In e-commerce (see what it really is) , there are also technical trades. These are the technicians who will intervene if there is a bug on your store, if the subscriber hotline is absent, if the server crashes, if data security is not optimal etc.

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Among the technical professions, there is that of web developer , hotliner , security manager , host , integrator , and many others. Web developer This e-commerce profession is very important, since the web developer is the one who realizes and designs all DT Leads the functionalities of an e-commerce store . He also helps the web project manager and the marketing project manager to write e-commerce specifications . To exercise this profession of e-commerce, you ne at least a bac +2 . With a Bac+3 , you can obtain a bachelor’s degree in web professions via an EEMI or European schools for Internet professions.

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