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After this data has been, a relevant advertisement Oman Phone Number is shown to the consumer. Consumer behavior and intention can be positively influence in this way, provide the targeting and retargeting is good. Personalization Oman Phone Number trend AI systems will continue to evolve in 2019. By continuously collecting Oman Phone Number data and learning from it, we respond to the personalization trend: offering target personal information to individual consumers.

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The result is that in the future, consumers Oman Phone Number should increasingly encounter information that suits them. Predictions are base on analyzing click paths, previous purchases and pages visit. Thanks to AI, social Oman Phone Number advertising is basically targeting consumer intentions. 3. Social shopping on Snapchat Social shopping will continue to be a trend in 2019. Of consumers buy a product after having a positive experience with the brand on social media.

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The senior executives of social media Oman Phone Number platforms realize this all too well. Instagram is exploring the possibilities of on-platform checkout, Pinterest introduce. Oman Phone Number to compete with the competition. Snapchat continues to be wildly popular among young people in the 13-25 age bracket and an additional 1.2 million teens are expect to Oman Phone Number join the social media platform by 2022. This is good news for advertisers and brands targeting this target group.

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