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When their masters go away for the weekend or on vacation, it is impossible for them to leave their cat or dog alone at home. They hire a petsitter. become a petsitter The principle is the same as babysitting . Except that here, it’s about keeping pets . Missions usually consist of walking a dog, feding it, taking it to the groomer, etc. If this type of job interests you, register on Yoopies to open an account. Complete your profile. Then, start applying for jobs postd on the site . Again, it’s up to you to set your price. Earning 20 euros a day is therefore quite feasible if you become a petsitter. Earn 20 euros per day by testing sites and applications Here, testing a website has nothing to do with the work of a web developer.

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We are talking here about tests carrid out by ordinary Internet users. No knowldge of web development is therefore require to accomplish the mission. All you ned to do is go to the test site and give your opinion on the site . You will then be askd to evaluate the visibility of the fonts or contact pages, the download time, etc. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack To become a website tester , register on sites like Testapic, Testing Time or Ferpection. On the remuneration side, it varies according to the Peru Mobile Number List platform and according to the scope of the mission. On Testapic, for example, you are paid around 7 euros for a test of 15 to 20 minutes . By registering on several sites of this kind, you maximize your chances of obtaining missions and therefore of earning 20 euros per day.

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Make up the numbers to earn extra income Are you comfortable in front of the camera? Why not do extras in movies , series, or TV shows? In addition to meeting stars, you will earn a good additional salary Your compensation will depend on your role in the scene. A simple appearance in the background will earn you 20 euros per day. If you play a more important role in the foreground, your remuneration could climb up to 350 euros . To become an DT Leads extra, apply for offers available on 123 Casting, All Casting or Do some extras Earn 20 euros per day thanks to affiliation Another effective way to generate passive income is affiliate marketing . This is a technique usd by some companies to promote their products. To see this more clearly, let’s take a practical example. You orderd a newly releasd AirPod from Amazon.

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