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Tens of thousands or even hundrs of thousands in add revenue for the business. I honestly can’t think of any local business I’ve ever consult with that wouldn’t jump at the chance for growth of the kind depict by this study. Chart showing enterprise directory sweet spot for maximizing visibility. Chart showing SMB directory sweet spot for maximizing visibility. Finally, the third takeaway that interest me most is that there’s evidence of a sweet spot, for both enterprises and SMBs, in distributing to about 31-40 directories for optimum increases in total search volume. This test look at 800 SMB and 6,000 enterprise locations.

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The average increase was between 55-58% with South Africa Phone Number List distribution of this kind. This indicates, then, that business owners don’t ne to distribute their location data to hundrs of platforms. About three dozen will do. The customers why citation accuracy and consistency are basic to customer service Chart showing reasons why customers might find wrong info on your listings. Now that we’ve establish the data side of the equation, we ne to think about the humans, because at the end of the day, it’s customer service that makes or breaks brands. In 2020, Moz found that 66% of local business owners and marketers list conversions and revenue as their top priorities.

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When manag properly citations are meant DT Leads to be conversion and revenue engines. When neglect, though, opportunity can vanish. Two star review for restaurant that is clos. Our peers at BrightLocal found that 85% of consumers encounter incorrect or incomplete information on business listings in 2021, that 81% visit a business that was list as open on the web but that had actually clos due to the pandemic, and 63% said that incorrect listing information would prevent them from doing business with a brand. This is the overwhelming majority of human.

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