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Because we are duplicating this ad set, you will have to take this Spain Phone Number budget into account, multiplied by the number of locations you are creating an ad set for. Suppose you plan to advertise for 200 locations. Then you need 200 times the budget Spain Phone Number per day. Because Facebook Ads needs a sufficient budget per ad set to test what works and what doesn’t, it is indicated that you need a budget for 1 euro per ad set per day. Screenshot of setting Spain Phone Number your budget per day. Step 3.

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Create a first ad Time to make the first ad. This Spain Phone Number advertisement will also serve as the basis for the other locations. Set up the texts and URLs on the basis of one location. Ultimately, we can bulk customize these texts and URLs for all other locations. Screenshot Spain Phone Number for creating an ad for Facebook. Step 4. Publish the base campaign You can now Spain Phone Number publish the campaign. The setup will look something like the example below. From here we will work towards an overview with the number of branches as desired.

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Screenshot of an advertisement Spain Phone Number structure. Step 5. Make copies of the basic ad set At this point, we’re going to use the base ad set for Spain Phone Number all other locations. Suppose you have 200 branches. Then make a copy of the existing ad set 199 times. Screenshot of how to copy an ad. Step 6. Export Facebook Ads to Excel Now that you have created Spain Phone Number an ad set for each location, you will export this setup to Excel. Editing the campaigns is a lot faster in Excel.

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