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where slow load times can Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List cause frustrated customers to leave the page or abandon their carts without checking out. You should first check how fast your website loads on different devices using Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights Tool. If your store’s homepage takes longer than five seconds to load, then you need to make some changes! Here are some things that can explain why: Low quality images – Too many files loaded from one domain – Poor network connection .

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Page speed by avoiding plugins that slow down your site. Keep images optimized and scaled to a reasonable size. Avoid Flash or JavaScript as much as possible – these technologies can crash your browser in some Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List all unnecessary scripts and links that just delay load time – Optimize your database with proper indexes for faster queries. Reduce Web Fonts – This will reduce the number of files that are loaded before the text is rendered on the screen, resulting in faster loading.

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leave light streaks 4. Canonical labels Sometimes, products on large e-commerce sites can be accesse from multiple categories. In these types of cases, the same content can often be used at Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List different URLs. To avoid duplicate content for search engines, you should take the time to do some technical SEO. A canonical tag is an HTML element that indicates which version of a website should appear in search results. Proactively use canonical tags on your site’s home page to avoid repetition, which.

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