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In addition, the relationship can be improved and Netherlands Phone Number interaction with the target group can be sought. Also read: #nospon: these are the advertising rules of Instagram 2. Q&As By showing that the company has and Netherlands Phone Number shares relevant knowledge, you radiate authority ( thought leadership ). For example, interview an expert and answer questions viewers asked below a previous video. 3. Webinars & Tutorials Webinars Netherlands Phone Number and tutorials (or: how-to’s) are used to share knowledge.


With the target group and to Netherlands Phone Number provide customers/leads with new information, so that they are guided in making a decision ( lead nurturing ). By allowing people to voice their opinions or ask questions in the Netherlands Phone Number comments, the company can get their hands on valuable information. You can also start a series so that the target audience knows when to expect content. 4. Influencers Netherlands Phone Number speak Influencers know better than anyone how to address their target audience.

Netherlands Phone Number


By joining forces with (micro) influencers Netherlands Phone Number as a brand, you can address a target group that is normally difficult to reach. Make sure that the influencer is representative. Experiment! Create a (free) account via Netherlands Phone Number Instagram.com, the IGTV app or the Instagram app. Once you’ve created a channel, you can start uploading MP4s. Good to know: videos must be at least 15 seconds long and Netherlands Phone Number can be no more than 10 minutes. Verified accounts can upload up to an hour.

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