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Now here at Moz we have a tool call Keyword Explorer. There are other tools out there. But millions of keywords suggestions. Traditionally, in SEO, you use keyword research to determine your content, targeting keywords that your audience has interest in. We have lots of guides here at Moz on how to do that, how to target content around keywords. But you can also use that keyword research in your emails. One of the most important places to use them is your email subject line. If you know the interest that your audience is interest in, through your segmentation.

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You can start to understand the keywords Qatar Phone Number List that drove them to their content, and using those same keywords in your email subject lines can improve your open rates. But that’s not the only place. One of my favorite places to use keywords is in the sign-up CTA. So when you have a sign-up form on your website, you can use a generic sign-up form, like, hey, sign up for our newsletter. Okay, that’s not very effective. But if you use the keywords, the target keywords sign up for our technical SEO tips or our local SEO or our best dog food recipes, the keywords that people use to find your website are going to be the best keywords to incorporate into your CTAs to get them to sign up.

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You use keywords in your email subject lines DT Leads to get them back to your content and so on and so forth. It’s another part of the effective flywheel. Bonus turn your best emails into content So finally, bonus tip, I want to make sure that you don’t forget to turn your best emails into content. Your content doesn’t have to live exclusively in separat channels. If you’re writing killer emails to your audience, that get a lot of engagement, that have super high open rates, those are emails that you can turn into content.

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